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cGMP Standards Substituted Indole Derivatives Research & Development
cGMP Standards
Substituted Indole Derivatives
Research & Development
Welcome to
Sunlight ADI.

Sunlight Active Drug Ingredients Pvt. Ltd. Is located in Gaddapotharam in Kazipally IDA near ORR Bowrampet exit which is 60kms from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad..

Our Reaction Capabilities

We specialize in a diverse range of chemical reactions, including Grignard, Esterification, Cryogenic, Hydrogenation, Oxidation/Reduction, Halogenation, Condensation, Nitration, Alkylation/Acylation, Lithiation, and Metal exchange reactions.

Research & Development

Sunlight ADI has committed to position itself as a knowledge based organization with a major thrust on Indole Chemistry.

Environment, Health & Safety Policy

Sunlight ADI is devoted to preserving human lives and the environment by adopting rigorous environmental management practices. We strive for continual improvement in Environment, Health, and Safety aspects to prevent and reduce pollution.

cGMP Standards

 With changing world increase in demand of well being and healthier lives,  has strengthened our motive & the commitment in developing, producing and distributing required products as per cGMP Standards, competently supported by stringent quality control measures.

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