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Environment, Health & Safety Policy

Environment, Health & Safety Policy

We at Sunlight ADI– are committed to human lives, mother earth & environment by preventing and abating pollution through adopting robust environmental management practices and continual improvement of Environment, Health and Safety aspects.

We shall strive to achieve these objectives by:

  •  Maintain and continuously upgrade the EHS management System.
  •  Enhancing the awareness, skill and competence of employees and other associates to cope up with need through continuous training.
  •  Defining the systems and procedures for carrying out operations safely.
  •  Keeping abreast of latest national & international mandatory requirements, codes, guidelines, standard &practices.
  •  Utilizing the natural resources like water, fuel, energy, etc. optimally and minimize the waste generation at all levels.
  •  Involving &motivating the employees to achieve EHS objectives and to contribute in establishing the EHS culture in our company.

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