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Discover a multitude of prospects with Sunlight ADI, the most prolific 3 (4-chlorobutyl) indole 5 carbonitrile exporter in India. We have gained recognition over the years by offering premium specialty chemicals for a range of applications in industries such as research, cosmetics, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals, to mention a few. Our reputation is built over a decade of strong industry experience. We are experts in a wide variety of chemical reactions, including esterification, Grignard, condensation, and alkylation. The unique code for 3-(4-chlorobutyl) indole-5-carbonitrile is CAS 143612-79-7. This code serves as a database for all relevant data about the specific chemical component, which is managed by the American Chemical Society. Some of its features and applications are listed below:

Sunlight ADI takes it upon itself to deliver products of the highest calibre and consistency. In addition to ensuring that we meet our client's needs, we also make sure that we pave the path for innovation and sustainable business practices. We have set up a large 1-acre site with a built-up area of 10,000 square feet along with a green belt of 5000 square feet. We strictly adhere to several internal quality guidelines and the cGMP, which has allowed us to become one of the market's leading 3-(4-chlorobutyl) indole-5-carbonitrile exporters in India

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