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Sunlight ADI is a top-tier 5 bromo indole manufacturer in India, offering a wide range of specialty chemicals to meet the diverse needs of our clients in various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and research fields to name a few. We specialize in a diverse range of chemical reactions which include Grignard, esterification, condensation, alkylation, etc. Also known by a unique identifier, CAS No. 10075-50-0, this chemical has a wide range of applications:

At Sunlight ADI, we pride ourselves in going that extra mile to ensure we not only meet the market demands but also pave the path for innovation and ingenuity. We set up a sizable 1-acre land with a built-up area of 10,000 sq. ft. and a 5000 sq. ft. green belt with a total equipment capacity of 50 kg per day. Our team of experienced engineers, chemists, and technicians ensures that every batch of our products meets the highest industry standards of safety, effectiveness, and performance. Strict compliance with a slew of internal quality guidelines along with the cGMP has strongly positioned it as one of the foremost 5-bromo indole manufacturers in India.

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