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Step into a world of exciting possibilities with the foremost 5 chloro indole manufacturer in the market. Backed by a legacy of innovation and commitment to quality, Sunlight ADI has become the most trusted brand when it comes to a wide range of specialty chemicals that find application in various sectors, like agrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and research fields just to name a few. CAS No. 17422-32-1 is a unique code assigned to this chemical compound which is part of a globally recognized database for all known chemicals in the world. Following are the common applications and properties of 5-chloro indole:

Sunlight ADI goes to great lengths to ensure every unit we deliver is of top quality and performance. We have set up a top-of-the-line manufacturing plant which covers 10, 000 sq. ft. along with a 5000 sq. ft. green belt with equipment capacity of 50 kg per day. Quality compliance is not just a catchphrase but the driving force of all our efforts. We implement a series of internal quality guidelines coupled with client-specific mandates to deliver tailored solutions. That’s not all; we also comply with cGMP standards which serves as a testimony to our commitment and expertise as a premier 5-chloro indole manufacturer in the market.

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