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Step into a realm of boundless possibilities with Sunlight ADI, the leading sodium triacetoxy borohydride manufacturer in the market. Incorporated in 2014 by a group of visionaries and technocrats, we have overcome numerous challenges to become the most trusted name when it comes to premium-grade specialty chemicals across industries, such as agriculture, research, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals among others. Our proficiency spans across various chemical reactions, such as Grignard, esterification, condensation, and alkylation. 

Sodium triacetoxy, also identified as CAS No. 56553-60-7, is part of a global database for all relevant information about the specific chemical and is managed by the American Chemical Society. Here are some of its common applications and characteristics:

Here at Sunlight ADI, we are committed to offering products that set the benchmark for quality and dependability while understanding the needs of our partners precisely. We conduct our operations from a 10,000-square-foot state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, which is complemented by a 5,000-square-foot green belt. Quality compliance is not just a business mandate for us, but inherent in our work ethics. We implement rigorous quality control regulations and also comply with cGMP production standards.

Partner with us, the most prolific sodium triacetoxy borohydride manufacturer in the industry, and witness your productivity soar to new heights.

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